Matt did a great job inspecting our home and found multiple issues days before we closed. The builders had previously assured us that their inspector was adequate but we stuck to our guns and we’re so glad we did. He was very polite, thorough, and explained things in great detail. We received his report that same day along with pictures detailing the issues. He saved us a major headache. Highly, highly, recommend!!!

Bob M.


Matt has been so easy to work with which is a blessing considering all the stress that can come with buying a home.  He was quick to get out to the home to conduct inspection and got the report to us shortly after.  He also explained the report to me and answered any questions I had.  What I’ve really liked about working with Matt, is he’s made himself available days after the inspection to answer any of my questions that popped up.  Highly recommend working with him.

Jesena M.


I cannot recommend Matt Shapiro highly enough. We just bought a home and had several considerable concerns about it. I booked Matt through yelp, due to his stellar reviews, and his communication was fantastic–sometimes questions were answered in a matter of minutes after I sent them! The home inspection itself was so thoroughly and expertly done, and only took about 2 hours. 

Matt advised me to meet with him at the end of the inspection for a walk-through, and he is one of the most amiable, knowledgeable, helpful people I’ve met in Austin. He explained everything extremely clearly and in great detail, patiently answered all of my myriad questions (this is my first home so I am staggeringly ignorant), pointed everything out that needed repair and gave advice on whether or not a specialist was needed or whether we could do stuff ourselves, and generally astonished me with his expertise on pretty much everything house-related. 

The inspection was completed at 2 and he had the report e-mailed to me by 6:15pm….and it was 78 PAGES LONG! I have no idea how he managed to do so much in so little time. The report is incredibly helpful, containing a number of photos of the various issues, photos of sample repairs or sample equipment mentioned that would be needed for a repair, an in-depth description of housing codes (and whether or not they were met), and detailed explanations of a.) issues b.) why those issues are important, and c.) the best way to go about repairing those issues.

You know you’ve officially hit Boring Adulthood when you spend your holiday morning poring over your Home Inspection Report with huge interest, chattering about “weep holes” and “corner pops” and “soffits” to your less-than-fascinated husband. Or maybe you just know you’ve worked with Matt Shapiro, who makes the whole thing easy and interesting!

Ali M.


Used A to Z home inspections throughout the process of having a new home built & Matt was fantastic. Very friendly and more than happy to answer questions and walk you through stuff that a new-home-owner may not know. 

Not only did he do a fantastic job, he made time in his schedule very quickly and sent out the reports the day of or the next day. This was also the most affordable quote I got from several yelp-requests. 

Definitely recommend using A to Z Home Inspections.

Sierra K.

Matt with A to Z Home Inspections came highly recommended. He was very professional and courteous and provided us with a very detailed inspection report.

214K House Buyer (Closed), Hutto, TX [Emory Farms]

The service was timely, the reports were written and emailed to me and with photos and clear explanation of the findings. A To Z is very reliable and professional. They are punctual and thorough in their findings. We found repairs that needed done on the home that would not have been evident. Electrical, plumbing and exterior repairs that we needed completed before completing the sale. We got them completed at the cost to the seller before we closed on the home. A To Z did an excellent job.

Description of work:
A To Z performed an inspection for my client and myself before purchasing a home. The returned for a reinspection after some repairs had been completed to be sure it was done correctly. I have used A To Z before for all sizes and types of homes. This one was approx $400,000 and was a re-sale. I have also used A To Z to pre-inspect homes before I sell them, so there are no surprises and last minute negotiations after a home is under contract. Excellent service.

Patrick Dixson

Job went very smoothly. Owner Matt Shapiro started the inspection on his own and was ready to give us a run-down when we arrived at the agreed time. His inspection was extremely detailed and rigorous, though he was also careful to note the issues he couldn’t comment on due issues such as access. Although the house passed all major issues, he did point out many small imperfections and provided advice on how they might be dealt with. He was patient with all our questions and very pleasant to deal with.

Description of work:
Internal and external pre-purchase inspection of house we subsequently bought.. Covered house structural integrity and functioning of plumbing, electricity and AC/heating. Included a very complete report, both hardcopy and digital.

Phil Salvador

Matt arrived before I did and got started on the exterior inspection on his own. When I arrived he was friendly and immediately started going over things with me. He spent about 3 hours going over everything included in my inspection and made a point to explain everything he was documenting. He answered all of my questions and was quick to offer help and tips on things as we went along. He was very knowledgeable of current and former code standards and offered to answer any code questions in the future for us. The final price came in $85.00 less than the original estimate as he adjusted for differences in things he couldn’t inspect because of the home’s original construction. I would definitely use them again! Thanks for the great service!

Description of work:
Mr. Shapiro with A to Z Home Inspection performed an inspection on a mobile home I have under contract to purchase.

Richard Finn

He also provided a seperate termite inspection, done by another inspector that specialized in tewrmites and pest inspections. I was able to get them done at the same time, which was convenient for me as well as the seller.

Description of work:
He was very prompt and professional. As a building Inspector, I was impressed by his knowledge of building codes, and his fairness during the inspection. His report was accurate and concise, with no big suprises. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. (As a matter of fact, I have!)

Linda Alger

He arrived early, gave me a walk-through of his entire inspection, made recommendations, then sent the report via email the same day as well as a complete packet in the mail. He also scheduled the termite inspection at the same time.I highly recommend A to Z.

Description of work:
Great thorough job of inspecting a home I am purchasing.

David Stevens

Being first time homebuyers, we had no idea what to expect from a home inspection (except what we see on TLC, of course). Matt was absolutely fantastic – super friendly and personable, very professional and gave us a great verbal report on our new home. We could tell he did an extremely thorough inspection, and he was very knowledgeable. Then, a few days later we received the written report, which was amazing. So professional, and even comes with a CD containing the report! I highly recommend A to Z!

Kate Manser

Matt Shapiro did a home inspection for us today on a home that we are going to be buying in Leander. To say he is thorough & knowledgeable is a huge understatement. He knew everything there is to know about the home, inside & out. He was very friendly & took the time to explain what he was doing & why, & he didn’t leave any stone unturned throughout every nook & cranny of the home. He explained the results of our inspection in easy-to-understand terms I feel very confident in my future home purchase, & Matt is an outstanding home inspector. If you need a home inspected look no further than A to Z, he was everything you would want in an inspector.

Eric Stuetelberg

Matt at A to Z Home Inspections has been my “go to” guy for over four years.

Often buyers especially “first time buyers” don’t fully understand the inspection process. Matt takes special care to explain the process, the significance of each item noted for repair or adjustment, and the costs that may be associated with those repairs or adjustments.

My clients feel comfortable and confident that Matt and A to Z have completed the inspection with a high level of professionalism.

Matt’s inspection reports are clear and concise. The reports are delivered in a timely fashion usually the same day. Accuracy and timeliness are essential in the real estate business especially as it pertains to the home inspection process. I highly recommend A to Z home Inspections

Ted K., Austin, TX

I highly recommend Matt Shapiro and A to Z Home Inspection.

This was my first home purchase, and Matt was friendly, knowledgeable, and offered helpful advice during the walk-through of the home. The report I received was thorough and Matt included photographs of everything he references which helped me to understand exactly what need to be done to home. Later, when I was dealing with problems with the loan underwriter, Matt was again helpful in providing necessary documentation to satisfy underwriter’s requirements.

Luke T., Austin, TX

I worked with George from A to Z on an inspection for a townhouse I was buying. He was extremely nice, explained everything well, was very thorough. No complaints at all. A++ service and experience – would definitely use again/recommend to a friend

Kat L., Leander, TX

Matt with A to Z Home Inspections is just the best. He has helped many of my buyers wade through the complexities that come along with buying new and resale homes. He is thoughtful and spends time with the buyers making sure they understand the inspection process and report that he provides. He always tells them they are welcome to call during the home buying process and after with any questions or concerns they may have. Matt offers a very high level of customer service which seems to be a rarity these days. I personally have used his services when it came time to sell my own home and needed an energy audit. I highly recommend his home inspection and energy audit services.

Laurie R., Austin, TX

Matt did a home inspection for my husband and me for a home outside of Austin. He was friendly, on time (early actually) and very pleasant to work with. He did a very thorough inspection with clear and easy to understand documentation. After the inspection he walked us through the entire property and pointed out and discussed the items included in his report. He answered all of our questions and made sure we knew he was available for any additional questions or help as we moved forward with the home purchase and the repairs after closing. We would highly recommend him!

Tricia C., Austin, TX

Matt Shapiro is friendly, punctual, and efficient. I used his company to inspect my home and I got a fast inspection at a great price! He was thorough and made sure to explain things in a manner that I could comprehend. In addition, I’ve made many calls to Matt for suggestions on home repair and he’s always been kind and helpful.

I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Shapiro and A to Z.

Angelica S., Austin, TX

Matt and George are incredible and did the most detailed inspection report I’ve ever seen — 43 pages! for my 1,300 square foot garden home in Buda. They weren’t being picky. As they like to say: “We’re just being thorough.” The report lists and describes (with photos) everything I need to know about the home I’m buying. Everything from a 4-inch piece of PVC needed on the external drip for the A/C to significant damage of the roof, all with color photos and adequate descriptions showing what’s needed. And, they have enormous patience…with me asking a lot of questions. They didn’t mind explaining in layman’s terms what needed to be done. No need to even bother with a quote from anyone else. Just call Matt and George at A to Z!!!

J. H., Austin, TX

Matt Shapiro provided me with a home inspection on a house I was buying. I called Matt to schedule an appointment, and he was very friendly and helpful in providing information about his services.

Matt encouraged me to attend the home inspection. When I arrived, he had already started the inspection, but he paused to summarize his findings so far. Matt then led me through the house as he performed the inspection so I could see everything he was seeing. He showed me what items need attention, and he explained in detail how I could correct those items. Matt not only inspected the house, he provided me an education in maintaining the house. He was patient and very willing to answer all of my questions.

Matt sent me an electronic copy of his completed inspection report that same day and a paper copy later in the mail. His report included several pictures and documentation of all his findings. It serves as a great to-do list for needed home maintenance. He also offered to answer any future questions I may have for as long as I own the home.

Matt Shapiro provides a great combination of competence and customer service. His level of quality puts him in high demand, so schedule an appointment with him as soon as you need a home inspection. In a time crunch, I once used a different inspection company, and their service did not compare. Matt provided a much better service at a better price.

Casey H., Austin, TX

Dear A to Z Home Inspection,

This is a formal testimonial to the superior service A to Z Home Inspection has shown my clients. Several clients have recently purchased inspections from your company. A to Z Home Inspection’s Matt Shapiro has gone above and beyond my expectations. Mr Shapiro’s customer service to my clients was more than I have seen in the past for other home inspectors. His attention to detail through the entire inspection; whether a 1400 square foot house or a hill side mansion, never waned. Mr. Shapiro’s knowledge about what was a major concern or a minor “Home Depot” fix was crucial to my client’s comfort about the biggest investment of their lives. Mr. Shapiro provided pointer for future concerns and details about a property proves the training and education, not to mention life experience, has been top notch. As a Realtor®, I can appreciate the detailed report for negotiation sake, as have my clients. The reports have been very clean and with photo documentation of every point of interest, concern or code violation.

I am an independent agent for Keller Williams Realty, Northwest Market Center. I pride myself on providing an excellent product and customer service. This is true for the vendors I recommend to my clients. I am proud to have Matt Shapiro of A to Z Home Inspection as part of that team.

Thank you,
Chris Decker, Realtor®

Chris Decker